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Rama Teaching Hatha Yoga Class


Make your life Complete with a Sampoorna Yoga membership! Become a member of Sampoorna Yoga and experience the transformational effects of authentic Yoga.  

In Sanskrit, Sampoorna means complete, or full, and Sampoorna Yoga is a complete system that works on all aspects of the entire body. When you take a Sampoorna Hatha Yoga class, you’re not just building muscles and getting flexible. We strengthen, tone, and purify all the systems of the body, releasing stress and tension, and bringing you good health and peace of mind.

You are not only a physical being, you are also a mental, intellectual, and spiritual being. Sampoorna Yoga works on all of these systems, and with the practice of Sampoorna Yoga, you will find yourself becoming happier, healthier, and full of energy.  

As a member of Sampoorna Yoga, you can take advantage of all of the benefits the ashram has to offer. Membership is month-to-month, with no contracts or penalties for opting-out.



Members of Sampoorna Yoga receive:

  • Unlimited Yoga Classes & Satsangs (If you take 3 classes a week, that comes to $8 per class!)
  • $45 for your first private class (includes Hatha Yoga, meditation and music classes)
  • Save 10% on select workshops and retreats
  • Save 10% on bookstore items
  • 1 free guest pass per month



1 Person Membership – $100 per month

2 Person Membership – $150 per month

  • Same benefits as above, plus 2 free guest passes per month. 


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Buy your membership online or purchase at the ashram.

Sampoorna Yoga Monthly Membership

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