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Nada Yoga – Yoga at Home Series

Nada Yoga DVD

Nada Yoga DVD

Now for the first time this ancient mystic science is offered on DVD. Many lessons give the opportunity to repeat until it is learned. Available are 2 elaborate chapters on one DVD on this subject with more to come so that you can continue your learning in a systematic way.
Through the power of audio visual technology and the grace of my Guru, this knowledge is made available to sincere aspirants.
This DVD covers:
– Introduction to Nada Yoga
– Pranayama (breathing exercises) to wake up prana (the life force) and develop concentration and breath control.
– Learn to play the Harmonium (a key board instrument) to develop awareness of the natural notes of the music scale.
– Exercises to develop rhythm, balance, voice & breath control.
– Alankaars, practice sessions in the natural scale with timing.
– Experience how this system helps to develop concentration and peace of mind that leads to meditation.

Now also available as download in mp4 format!

order as DVD for $19.95 order as mp4 download for $14.95

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