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Register for Your Teacher Training

Signing up for a Yoga Teacher Training is easy! Just follow these simple steps for quick registration: 



1. Fill out your application

Click on the date of your preferred course and complete the registration form.

200-hour TTC300-hour ATTC200-hour TTC &
300-hour ATTC
April 5-19, 2019March 1-22, 2019February/March 2019
May 3-17, 2019June 28-July 19, 2019June/July 2019
June 14-28, 2019November 1-22, 2019October/November 2019
August 9-23, 2019
September 6-20, 2019
October 4-18, 2019
December 6-20, 2019


If you have problems filling out your application online, please email us and we can find another solution!



2. Make your payment


200-hour TTC
300-hour ATTC200-hour TTC &
300-hour ATTC



You will hear back from us within 48 hours if your application is approved!

If your application is not approved, we will refund your donation.