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To register for Yoga Teacher Certification Courses, you may:

Complete an application online


Download an application and send it by email to or by mail to Yogi Hari’s Ashram, 12750 SW 33rd St, Miramar, FL 33027.


Prices with check, cash or money order:

200 Hour Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Certification Course (SYTCC):

Deposit – $1,000     Full Payment: $3,000


300 Hour Sampoorna Yoga Advanced Teacher Certification Course (SYATCC):

Deposit – $1,200       Full Payment: $4,000


Both 200 Hour SYTCC and 300 Hour SYATCC Together (10% Discount): 

Deposit – $2,000       Full Payment: $6,300


Pay by credit card with PayPal

Credit card processing fees (3%) are added to the deposit and full payment amounts listed above. 

Yoga Teacher Certification (200 hours)

Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification (300 hours)

Both Courses (200 + 300 hours)


Yoga Day

Sampoorna Yoga Day
Enter Date of Yoga Day

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