Teacher Training Course Testimonials – Voices of Experience

Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Training Courses with Shri Yogi Hari are extraordinary experiences through which you come to experience your true Self as Divine. Day in and day out, people from many different backgrounds go through a unifying undertaking, a journey back to health and peace, and rejoice in the presence of a Divine Master and his teachings. Graduating as certified Sampoorna Yoga Teachers, a pure style that beautifully combines all aspects of Yoga, they discover a new relationship to life and to themselves.


Here are some testimonials:


It is two weeks since graduating my 200 Hr Teacher Training at Yogi Hari’s Ashram! I had been practicing yoga for 5+ years (many different modalities, yin, ashtanga, etc) when I decided to become a teacher. Yoga is a lifestyle, a healing practice and so much more than showing up on a mat. As a burn survivor at the age of five, along with other traumas in my past, I had been disconnected from my body/myself for a very long time. Yoga was and still teaches me. It represents the ebb and flow of teacher/student mode, the place we as humans are meant to be.

No coincidences, when I heard of Yogi Hari’s Ashram from a friend, I was surprised to hear that any school would be open during a global pandemic. The price was 50% off as well!!! Precautional preparedness was on point! How lucky was I?! I had only practiced Hatha Yoga a few times, limited knowledge yet I kept an open mind going into this. I really must admit I didn’t have big expectations. I knew it would serve its purpose, that was all I had in my mind. Well…

This gave me everything I needed to become a teacher, yet it gave me so much more!! It gave me a piece of myself.

I search for words. None that can express or articulate exactly what I felt during the two weeks. Consciousness! Realizations! Perception! To bring us connected, to experience a sense of our wholeness. To connect with like-minded individuals, to experience a non-judgment environment, to explore who you (really) are. It supports you as you shed those pieces of you that no longer serve you. This is how I can best express it!

Karma Yoga & Nada yoga, now a very important part of my life. I would look forward to working in the turmeric field, sweating in the heat, singing in Satsang. The days filled with purpose, a spiritual relationship! Yogi Hari’s Ashram taught me to be a teacher, and along the way allowed me to be a student… mostly of myself.
This is (in my humble opinion) is how we can become the best Yoga teachers. From the inside out.

The discounted price is NOT a discounted experience, farthest from. Open mind, open heart. I am forever changed!!! Forever grateful! When we change we change the world. It starts with one.

This is a place that eats, sleeps, and breathes YOGA, on and off the mat, as it is meant to be. Authentically!

I look forward to next year when I will attend my 300 Hr training.
Until then…..

Om Shanthi,
Nancy Hickson


I am Rie (Radha) Tanaka, a classical pianist, originally from Japan, living in Minnesota. I came to the Yogi Hari’s Ashram in January of 2020 to attain yoga teacher certificate.  My doctoral thesis topic was around Yoga and Music, so a credential was desired as I am to give more lectures in 2020.  I was also seeking to heal from my personal trauma, which brought me episodes of panic attacks.

The experience at the Ashram was simply life-changing.  I got to experience spending the whole day immersing myself in “Sadhana” – practice in all aspects. I will not take for granted what an absolute fortune it is to learn, work, practice, and live the wisdom that Shri Yogi Hari teaches us.  Every bit of the curriculum and rule was created with many thoughts and teachings.  Everything you see, hear, eat, have, feel, think, or even lack of them – is there to teach you something, and this training does a very good job of addressing the lessons and layering in the concepts in everything.  You can come here, and take just one lesson with you home – that is worth so much value.

As someone who hadn’t practiced Yoga nearly as seriously as I should have prior to this course, and never did any physical training other than Piano my whole life, I was absolutely blown away by what my body was capable of doing, under the thorough instruction.  Not only during the Hatha Yoga, but I was also surprised by how well my body adjusted to being able to sit on the floor, cross-legged for 6 hours a day.  Cravings for caffeine and unhealthy food ceased, and I stopped needing to be “online present.”  I felt very upright physically, and content mentally.  This is the power of “Right Association” – the community aspect of the Ashram – made it very easy to do the “Right Discrimination” – choosing to do what is right.

The Hatha Yoga teacher training was practical and comprehensive.  I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach a full class, and that really pushed me to learn and know the sequence by heart.  The instruction was detailed, specific, actionable, and clear.  I can’t believe how comfortable I feel in my own Yoga teaching now, after just two weeks.  I have already taught a few classes since I left the Ashram, and the power of the Sampoorna Yoga transfers very well to the students, even when taught by a beginner level Yoga teacher, such as myself.

I am so thankful for the gift of wisdom and higher knowledge from Shri Yogi Hari.  This dream place was built with so much love, which perceivers all the obstacles.  My little cup is full, and I must work, work, and work now.  I hope to get a bigger cup for the next time I am with him so that I can receive more of his knowledge.

With much gratitude, 

Om Shanthi, Radha


Lisa at Yogi Hari's Ashram during her 200-hour Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course, December 2019Hello everyone. My name is Lisa from Trinidad, West Indies. My main goal in taking this 200-hour course was to get formal certification to be a Yoga teacher. I was led to the Yoga Teachers’ Training website where I was faced with numerous, worldwide options. I chose Yogi Hari’s Ashram because it was closest to home, most affordable and with positive reviews. Having an idea beforehand of the vegetarian meals that would be served, honestly, I started preparing myself a month before, eliminating meat from my diet, thinking it would be my biggest challenge lol. However, as with any activity that forces you out of your comfort zone and being an introvert like myself, I was uneasy at first. 
In December 2019, I flew straight from the Caribbean to the ashram in Florida and was met with 40 classmates from around the world. I was faced with a new environment, a strict schedule, a change in diet and new teachings. It took a few days to get used to, however, as I immersed myself into the program, I must say, it was truly a POSITIVE, REWARDING, LIFE-CHANGING experience. I soon realized that every activity was designed to teach us important life lessons including, peacefulness, gratefulness, self-discipline and spiritual enlightenment.  It built a strong foundation for me in my Yoga practice and helped create balance in my life in general. Yogi Hariji is INSPIRING with his wealth of knowledge and experience. I especially enjoyed his singing and the humourous stories he shared with us. He is wise, truthful, direct and kind. My teacher, Rama is informative, patient and effective in his training skills. Rasa is supportive (even after the completion of the training) and bought us tranquility with her angelic singing and musical skills. 
Shri Yogi Hari and Lisa upon completion of her 200-hour Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course, December 2019 It was amazing experiencing different cultures that came together for a common purpose; Sampoorna Yoga. It left us feeling inspired, energized and refreshed. Without any discrimination, Yogi Hariji, my teachers, support staff and my classmates were helpful and supportive and I made really good friends. I do highly recommend the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training course to aspiring Yoga teachers and even Yoga practitioners who wish to pursue a positive spiritual journey.
God bless you,
Instructor Lisa Vicky Mansingh

“When I first arrived at Yogi Hari’s Ashram, I admittedly didn’t know what to expect. Despite years of individual practice, intuition told me there was more to yoga than physical fitness. A fully immersed yogic experience looked to be a great way to discover what was missing, and fate proved kind to place a self-realized master so close to home.

Looking back, I am glad I decided to go.

From early in the morning till night-time, we learned what a fully immersed experience meant. While Hatha Yoga is a critical element of what is learned, it is far from the only yogic path Yogi Hari taught. At the ashram, we were exposed to many other paths, and I personally enjoyed learning about Jnana and Nada Yoga.

Every morning and evening we gathered in Satsang for meditation, chanting, and lectures central to forming a foundational understanding of yogic philosophy. There are things that happen that can only be experienced. Through the guru’s guidance and the guidance of his disciples, we learned so much. Meditation became easier. During our daily chants, I cannot properly express the energy that filled that room.

Part of the experience was learning how to eat a yogic diet. We followed a vegetarian diet with vegan options. It wasn’t long before I began to feel the benefits of proper eating. Learning about the different qualities of food helped me understand why certain foods create lethargy and sickness. Practicing the moderation taught through Ashtanga Yoga helped create the conditions needed to advance my practice.

Yogi Hari taught me so much in such a short time. He helped refocus my practice back to its true objective of self-knowledge. Experiencing other forms of yoga, learning about the yogic philosophy on the nature of the universe, and learning how to apply some of that knowledge towards expanding personal yoga practice helped me grow as both a yogi and a human being.

By the end of my stay at the ashram, I understood why I had come and felt confident in my ability to teach yoga to others.

Although it has only been a short time since the completion of my training, I miss everyone.

Guruji displayed great knowledge and the ability to share it with others effectively. Rasa kept the program directed and brought an amazing singing voice to our Satsang. Ambika proved a stellar professional and taught Hatha excellently. Radha practiced Karma Yoga in a way that enriched everyone around her.

I met so many new people that shared a passion for yoga and made many new friends.

Initially, I wondered why the cost of this training was significantly lower than many others. After completing the program, I fully understand. Yogi Hari knows he holds the knowledge that will uplift the life of anyone willing to listen. This seems like his way of sharing Sivananda yogic knowledge with as many people as possible.

Before I came, I thought I would do this for my own personal experience. Now, it feels like I should pursue teaching in order to share this great way-of-life with whoever shows a willingness to learn.

This program deepened my understanding of yoga in a way that seems impossible outside of an ashram’s environment and without the guidance of a self-realized guru. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to teach a classical form of yoga from a respected lineage, anyone who wants to deepen their personal yoga practice or anyone with a desire to discover something more to life than the fleeting pleasures gained via gratification of the senses.”

Matthew Anthony Nagy


“When I first discovered Yogi Hari’s website for yoga training (April 2019,) I was nervous yet excited. As I packed up my vehicle and headed to Miramar, I knew that this would a story to remember. After my two weeks at the Ashram, I can confidently say that I had evolved physically, mentally, and spiritually. I feel as if every moment spent in this amazing, loving community, I was able to experience Heaven on earth. 

I was so blessed to have four roommates from all across the globe. Anna, a vibrant 25-year-old from Hungary kept the room laughing throughout the day. Andrea, a bright 30-year old from Germany shared interesting stories and kept us engaged. The other Andrea, 60-year-old from Florida provided her wisdom and was always looking out for the students. Delaney, a loving 35-year-old from California was an uplifting, contagious soul who made everyone around her smile. 

When I first interacted with Guruji, I felt like a child seeing Santa Claus for the first time. Sitting in front of a group of nearly 50 individuals, was a calm, enlightened being who was sharing his knowledge with us. All of the students’ eyes were focused on Guruji. You could feel the peace in the room. 

Every day, we started the day with meditation where we were able to let go of negative thoughts and just be. Then we participated in Satsang, where Guruji and his disciples led us with inspiring, beautiful music where we had the opportunity to join along. Let me be clear, I had only sung in the shower previously. At the Ashram, I sang and came alive! I could feel everyone raising their vibration as we chanted words of love. 

We had our morning yoga that was usually demonstrated by Rama, who was the yogi expert from Germany. He is the most flexible yogi I’ve witnessed but his approach with the students was incredible. He gave direction and answered everyone’s questions. There were options for the students to take beginner or more advanced classes so everyone felt they were learning. 

Watching Rama and his wife demonstrate their love for each other and everyone around them motivated me to want to follow in their footsteps. Before any students wake at 5:30 am, this lovely couple from Germany is up at 4:00 am practicing on their own. 

Ambika, who had just completed her 300-hour training in March was similar to a student-teacher. Her demeanor and ability to connect with students was so refreshing. I am grateful for her kindness. Mukti, who played many roles, used her expertise to spend hours in the kitchen and make flavorful vegan meals for all of the students. I am fortunate to have learned so much from Mukti and Sita cooking and about life in general. Rasa, who was basically mother and Angel of the Ashram, managed all of the administrative end of things, addressed any student needs, and shared her amazing musical gifts with the group. She played guitar, flute, drums and her voice had everyone crying tears of joy. 

The atmosphere is hard to articulate, but rather something that needs to be felt with the heart. The structure of the day was extremely organized. The afternoon consisted of a personal break for two hours, yoga lectures and additional yoga classes. There were surprises throughout the day whether it be a lovely dessert to celebrate a student’s birthday, an inspirational movie, or a guest lecturer. 

In the evening, we all scrambled together to sit and meditate with Guruji. Guruji helped wash away any distractions. There we sat like children, listening to the master chat away about his childhood and worldly philosophy. I remember thinking, “Wow, he’s just like us.” His heart is pure and he loves to laugh. 

I feel so blessed and have such admiration for Guruji and his family. I would recommend this training to people from all walks of life. If people need to just get away, get grounded, get over an addiction or any obstacle, get certified, this is the place. There isn’t an age limitation. There isn’t any judgment. This place is full of bliss. By the end of your stay, you will be feeling spiritual, energized, alive and truly grateful.”




Guruji and Jayadevi – TTC Graduate June 2018

“My name is Jayadevi, I’m Italian and I live in Brussels, where I have been attending the Sampoorna Yoga Studio for more than 6 years.

I took the 200 h teaching training in Yogi Hari’s Ashram last June: two weeks of full immersion in nature, sound, relaxation and deep yoga practice. For me becoming a Yoga teacher has been a dream for many years thanks to inspiring teachers that shared with me positive vibes, reliable teachings and a special energy that I could perceive at every class: I wanted to be one of them, I said, I wanna have this constant smile on my face, strong body and beautiful soul! I knew that a special place existed on the other side, I just needed to cross the Ocean ? Finally I sorted things out at work and took the best decision to get on the plane and invest 14 days of my precious time on my inner Self.

Yogi Hari is a true Guru: he’s knowledgeable, direct and honest. He patiently guided all of us to a path that was hard and intense but without any doubts enlightening. It was enough for him to look into your eyes and understand what was going inside you. When he picked for me the name I was hoping for, Jayadevi – the Victorious Goddess, I couldn’t help my tears covering my face and freeing my emotions: that was magic.

I learned many things from this experience: my asanas got cleaner and more precise thanks to excellent teachers that followed us daily with scientific explanations; my body got stronger for such an intense work-out and delicious and healthy food, but what I appreciated more was the effect on my mind and spirit. I was calmer, wiser and relaxed as I have never been before.

When back to Brussels I was given the possibility to teach immediately and that was really amazing to share fresh knowledge and vibes, directly from the Ashram.

I recommend this experience to anyone, without discrimination ? no matter what your goal is in life and what you want to directly achieve from the TTC, you will feel so energized, happy and strong after that you will feel no more obstacles to make your dreams come true!”

Om Shantih, Jessica


“My time during June of 2018 at Yogi Hari’s Ashram has been truly a memorable experience. It was ultimately been a rewarding, satisfying experience that challenged me mentally and physically. I got the opportunity to experience yoga in a different way.

I found Yogi Hari’s course excellent value for money. The accommodations were comfortable. The Ashram’s surroundings were beautiful and serene. We had a strict schedule and thankful for this, for I am now much stronger and more confident of my practice and my teaching skills. I met 11 beautiful women and we all became friends.

Yogi Hari’s disciple, Rasa is the key to keeping everyone and everything orderly. Rasa’s Cooking was divine. We did not have any dairy, meats. Mostly everything we ate is grown at the Ashram.

My favorite time was Satsang. We chanted/meditated three times daily. Yogi Hari has an amazing voice… I continue my Satsang daily with his CD and voice coaching. I stayed on longer for Yoga Nidra certification. I found Yoga Nidra to be a blissful practice of deepening my physical experience of yoga as well as spiritual unfoldment. I am grateful for having been able to attend Yogi Hari’s Ashram.”

Linda, Latika


“My name is Gauri, I am originally from Venezuela, living in Florida and soon moving to North Carolina. I took the 200 hours teaching training in June of 2018

For years I wanted to take the teacher yoga training, but what really pushed me to get into it and take a step forward was my current health condition.

Taking the training was one of the BEST decision ever! During my time at the ashram, I experienced healing in many ways.

Just the fact of having the opportunity to be in a beautiful place, surrounded with fruit trees and amazing people, where I used my time to connect with myself with no distractions it’s a big benefit from the start.

Amazing yoga guidance that helped me to Improve my practice, learning to listen to my body and trust it. I nourished my body with amazing delicious vegetarian food. And most important, I nourished my soul and intellect with the teachings of Guruji.

His teachings are very valuable to me, he helped me to reconnect to my true nature, wake up my sense to be more present, more aware of my connection to the love I feel for others and myself, I learned and experienced the true meaning of yoga.

I recommend this experience. I think everyone deserves two weeks or more for self-growth.

Thank you, Guriji!”



“I enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training Course to obtain a certification to teach yoga. I graduated from the course with my certification and so much more. Yogi Hari’s technically masterful approach incorporates all the aspects of yoga, and encourages students to live, breathe, and feel the divine teachings they are acquiring. In this way, graduates of the Yoga Teacher Training Course are equipped with not only the methodology needed to instruct yoga but also with the invaluable tools of self-knowledge that allow one to reach their higher self; thereby undoubtedly yielding more effective instructors. The Yoga Teacher Training Course is true yoga, and something I would recommend to anyone, especially those looking to teach.”

Sincerely, Darran


“Having been a regular at Yogi Hari’s Ashram, I thought I knew what to expect from the Teacher’s Training Course. However, the experience I had during those 6 weekends living at the Ashram was indescribable. The sense of calm and serenity that enveloped my body and mind completely changed my outlook and made me a happier more grounded person. The opportunity to work with a true Yogi is something that anyone looking for a higher spiritual understanding and peace of mind should not pass up. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I feel so blessed for having done it. My only regret is that it ended.”



“I just finished my daily practice of meditation, chanting, breathing, asanas, all of which I was taught during the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course by Yogi Hari. I am feeling peace, strength, fullness and above all connected to my source of being. Prior to taking this course due to a series of life tragedies and challenges, I was badly suffering emotionally and spiritually from feeling sad, negative, empty and lost. I searched for and received help from many different sources, but nothing transformed and recovered me as much as this course did. I miraculously found myself, my peace and my health at Yogi Hari’s Ashram: through his complete teaching program in all different aspects of yoga, the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of his Ashram and the delicious organic vegetarian meals prepared by his kind and loving wife Tara. Taking this course with Yogi Hari was the best thing I have ever done in my life for myself and others, who will benefit from my learnings through my teaching. I wish and hope that whoever is ready or wants to make that healing change in his or her life to consider taking this powerful program. With all my heart, Thank you Yogi Hari, Tara and Omkara!”

OM Shantih, Roya (Parvati) Shandler


“I came to the teacher training to become a better Yoga teacher. I left the yoga teacher training course a better Mother, Wife and Human Being. The entire experience was and remains priceless. Yogi Hari is a truly inspiring and humble teacher.

Everyone is welcomed into his home with open arms, an open mind, and open heart. I can not wait to go back and drink in the ever flowing knowledge… and to eat the simply divine food!”

Om Shantih! Tara


“Yogi Hari’s Ashram teaches traditional yoga. No hot or power yoga here. At the end of a Hatha session, one leaves feeling energized and refreshed. As one might expect Yoga is treated as a spiritual discipline at the ashram. This isn’t to say you won’t sweat, I certainly

did. What I particularly liked about the yoga teacher training course is the traditional instruction. The physical work and postures, the breathing techniques, the food and the yogic cosmology, etc. are all handed down through a very special lineage spanning thousands of years.

This lineage includes such luminaries as Shankara and Sivananda. This knowledge has been transmitted directly from Guru to the student all the way down to the present day which includes Yogi Hari who learned directly from Sivananda’s student Vishnu-Devananda.

What did this mean to me? It meant I was getting more than just an exercise to do in a gym. I learned an art form, a spiritual practice, and a way a life. I have incorporated many of the different elements learned in the ashram into my daily life. Finally, let me add that the student groups are kept at a size to maintain collegiality; we are all still friends and contact each other regularly. The food was vegetarian and the best I ever ate. Yogi Hari and his family are very sweet; remember, they literally invite you into their home to experience life in an ashram for two weeks. Definitely a great experience.”

Ed Brian


“Hi. My name is Amanda and I am fifteen years old.  This past June, when I was still fourteen, I completed Yogi Hari’s Yoga Teacher Training Course.  I would like to tell you about my experience and the ways in which it has truly changed my life.

As you can imagine, I walked into the ashram on day one feeling really nervous.  All the other students were at least ten years older than me! As it turned out I had nothing to fear, and we became friends right away. Over the next couple of weeks, we started to feel like we were one big family. All of us, including Tara, Omkara, and the “little yogi’s” supported one another as we moved through this transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

The bell rang, calling us to meditation at five thirty in the morning! It wasn’t always a welcome wake up call, but by six I unfailingly found myself sitting cross-legged on the floor, ready to begin the day with meditation. The daily schedule was rigorous, but I greatly enjoyed the challenge and discipline it provided. I found each activity to be fulfilling in its own way. Yogi Hari’s lectures were always inspiring. I absorbed so much knowledge and it was never boring. One of my favorite activities was chanting because it was so releasing and came right from the soul. Of course, everyone looked forward to mealtimes and were often involved in helping to prepare them for karma yoga.  I quickly adjusted to and felt the benefits of eating twice a day.  This transition was made a lot easier by Tara’s delicious vegetarian cuisine!  The Hatha (asana) Yoga practice was challenging, but fun. When I started this course, I was almost a beginning student myself- I couldn’t even touch my toes! My practice improved greatly throughout the course. Each day I discovered newfound flexibility and strength. Now I can perform more advanced postures which I had believed were impossible for me to accomplish before. Karma Yoga was my favorite time of day. I learned the importance of patience and having a positive attitude.  I experienced the joy and peace that selfless service brings to your heart during Karma Yoga.

Yogi  Hari is an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend. I was privileged to spend two weeks with him and his beautiful family. I continue to practice yoga every day, and I have received an opportunity to teach here in my community in Northern California. I am calling my teaching practice Harmony Yoga. I highly recommend the Teacher Training Course to men and women of all ages. This experience continues to nurture my body, mind, and spirit. Thank you, Yogi Hari!”

Om Shantih! -Amanda


“Om Shri Yogi Hariji,

I would like to thank you for your guidance and inspiration during the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training course. In the 6 weekends, I spent at your Ashram I learned so much about myself, gaining a deeper connection with my spirituality. As you are aware my journey with Sampoorna Yoga began 5 years ago, but during the teacher training course, I feel my evolution was accelerated considerably. Over such a short period of time spent immersed in yogic discipline, I was really able to look inward and come closer to knowing myself and truly realizing my divinity and connection to all that is tangible and ethereal.

The sacred knowledge imparted to me from the teachings of Master Sivananda’s lineage, through you and through Brahmadev, changed my life is so many positive ways. The physical benefits are obvious, but it’s been a long time since I’ve suffered the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety, my self-esteem has greatly improved, and I’m now exploring a vegetarian diet and feeling the healthful effects. Furthermore, I am amazed at how chanting has nourished my soul. Nada yoga was the last of the paths of Sampoorna Yoga I thought I would connect to, but I enjoy it immensely. I am grateful that this aspect of my personality was brought to light.

My goal in the course was not necessarily to become a yoga teacher but to improve and grow in my own Sadhana. I regularly practice meditation, asanas, and chanting, and after the course, I incorporated pranayama and kriyas into my routine. Although there are days where I just cannot do all of these things because I’m too tired or too busy, this is a practice I will keep with me all my life. In the past, upon meeting an important goal or completing a large task and working so intensely at it, I would become so tired of that activity that I would just turn away from it, but with yoga, it is much different. The more I know, the more I want to know. The more I practice, the more I want to practice. Guruji, I am not tired after this journey – I am ready and motivated to continue my Sadhana. I realize I am just a beginner but am truly happy to call myself a Yogi!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach at the ashram. Giving to my students is truly a pleasure for me. During a question/answer session after my last class, my own words echoed your teachings and I delighted in passing this knowledge on to others. You mentioned to the guests at the graduation ceremony to look to the newly-certified students for guidance on good health and how to be happy. Since my family and friends are so supportive and indeed interested in all aspects of yoga by my example, I am teaching them indirectly! I am taking your words at heart to learn and teach, then teach and learn. I am working with a good friend to lead some small classes at her home, and a local gym is looking to hire me once they relocate to their new facility. This is a path I never thought I’d travel down. I am so appreciative that I have been awakened to new possibilities!

You, Tara and your family were so welcoming during my stay. Brahmadev and Lalita were so inspiring to me. It was a lovely experience doing Karma yoga with Omkara in the gardens just last week. I will always be a willing contributor to the community at your Ashram, giving back however I can. Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to grow and become a better person through Sampoorna Yoga™. It is challenging for me at times to keep up with my Yoga practice, but I am doing it without taking myself so seriously, trying to slow down and enjoy my journey with a smile. I feel strong, not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, selflessly and mentally. Thank you so much, Guruji, for equipping me with what I need to be happy, healthful and peaceful.”

With utmost respect and deepest gratitude, Shivapriya.


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