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TTC Testimonials – Voices of Experience

Sampoorna Yoga™ Teacher Training Certification Courses with Shri Yogi Hari are an extraordinary experience through which you come to experience your true Self as Divine. Day in and day out in which people from many different backgrounds go through a unifying undertaking, a journey back to health and peace, and rejoice in the presence of a Divine Master and his teachings. Coming out as certified Sampoorna Yoga Teachers, a pure style that beautifully combines all aspects of Yoga, they discover a new relationship to life and to themselves.


Here some testimonials:

“I enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training Course to obtain a certification to teach yoga. I graduated the course with my certification and so much more. Yogi Hari’s technically masterful approach incorporates all the aspects of yoga, and encourages students to live, breathe, and feel the divine teachings they are acquiring. In this way, graduates of the Yoga Teacher Training Course are equipped with not only the methodology needed to instruct yoga, but also with the invaluable tools of self-knowledge that allow one to reach their higher self; thereby undoubtedly yielding more effective instructors. The Yoga Teacher Training Course is true yoga, and something I would recommend to anyone, especially those looking to teach.”

Sincerely, Darran


“Having been a regular at Yogi Hari’s Ashram, I thought I knew what to expect from the Teacher’s Training Course. However the experience I had during those 6 weekends living at the Ashram was indescribable. The sense of calm and serenity that enveloped my body and mind completely changed my outlook and made me a happier more grounded person. The opportunity to work with a true Yogi is something that anyone looking for a higher spiritual understanding and peace of mind should not pass up. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I feel so blessed for having done it. My only regret is that it ended.”



“I just finished my daily practice of meditation, chanting, breathing, asanas, all of which I was taught during the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course by Yogi Hari. I am feeling peace, strength, fullness and above all connected to my source of being. Prior to taking this course due to a series of life tragedies and challenges, I was badly suffering emotionally and spiritually from feeling sad, negative, empty and lost. I searched and received help from many different sources, but nothing transformed and recovered me as much as this course did. I miraculously found myself, my peace and my health at Yogi Hari’s Ashram: through his complete teaching program in all different aspects of yoga, the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of his Ashram and the delicious organic vegetarian meals prepared by his kind and loving wife Tara. Taking this course with Yogi Hari was the best thing I have ever done in my life for myself and others, who will benefit from my learnings through my teaching. I wish and hope that whoever is ready or wants to make that healing change in his or her life to consider taking this powerful program. With all my heart, Thank you Yogi Hari, Tara and Omkara!”

OM Shantih, Roya (Parvati) Shandler


“I came to the teacher training to become a better Yoga teacher. I left the yoga teacher training course a better Mother, Wife and Human Being. The entire experience was and remains priceless. Yogi Hari is a truly inspiring and humble teacher.

Everyone is welcomed into his home with open arms, an open mind, and open heart. I can not wait to go back and drink in the ever flowing knowledge… and to eat the simply divine food!”

Om Shantih! Tara


“Yogi Hari’s Ashram teaches traditional yoga. No hot or power yoga here. At the end of a Hatha session one leaves feeling energized and refreshed. As one might expect Yoga is treated as a spiritual discipline at the ashram. This isn’t to say you won’t sweat, I certainly

did. What I particularly liked about the yoga teacher training course is the traditional instruction. The physical work and postures, the breathing techniques, the food and the yogic cosmology, etc. are all handed down through a very special lineage spanning thousands of years.

This lineage includes such luminaries as Shankara and Sivananda. This knowledge has been transmitted directly from Guru to student all the way down to the present day which includes Yogi Hari who learned directly from Sivananda’s student Vishnu-Devananda.

What did this mean to me? It meant I was getting more than just an exercise to do in a gym. I learned an art form, a spiritual practice, and a way a life. I have incorporated many of the different elements learned in the ashram into my daily life. Finally, let me add that the student groups are kept at a size to maintain collegiality; we are all still friends and contact each other regularly. The food was vegetarian and the best I ever ate. Yogi Hari and his family are very sweet; remember, they literally invite you into their home to experience life in an ashram for two weeks. Definitely a great experience.”

Ed Brian


“Hi. My name is Amanda and I am fifteen years old.  This past June, when I was still fourteen, I completed Yogi Hari’s Yoga Teacher Training Course.  I would  like to tell you about my experience and the ways in which it has truly changed my life.

As you can imagine, I walked into the ashram on day one feeling really nervous.  All the other students were at least ten years older than me! As it turned out I had nothing to fear, and we became friends right away. Over the next couple of weeks we started to feel like we were one big family. All of us, including Tara, Omkara, and the “little yogi’s” supported one another as we moved through this transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

The bell rang, calling us to meditation at five thirty in the morning! It wasn’t always a welcome wake up call, but by six I unfailingly found myself sitting cross-legged on the floor, ready to begin the day with meditation. The daily schedule was rigorous, but I greatly enjoyed the challenge and discipline it provided. I found each activity to be fulfilling in its own way. Yogi Hari’s lectures were always inspiring. I absorbed so much knowledge and it was never boring. One of my favorite activities was chanting, because it was so releasing and came right from the soul. Of course everyone looked forward to mealtimes, and were often involved in helping to prepare them for karma yoga.  I quickly adjusted to, and felt the benefits of eating twice a day.  This transition was made a lot easier by Tara’s delicious vegetarian cuisine!  The Hatha (asana) Yoga practice was challenging, but fun. When I started this course, I was almost a beginning student myself- I couldn’t even touch my toes! My practice improved greatly throughout the course. Each day I discovered newfound flexibility and strength. Now I can perform more advanced postures which I had believed were impossible for me to accomplish before. Karma Yoga was my favorite time of day. I learned the importance of patience and having a positive attitude.  I experienced the joy and peace that selfless service brings to your heart during Karma Yoga.

Yogi  Hari is an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend. I was privileged to spend two weeks with him and his beautiful family. I continue to practice yoga every day, and I have received an opportunity to teach here in my community in Northern California. I am calling my teaching practice Harmony Yoga. I highly recommend the Teacher Training Course to men and women of all ages. This experience continues to nurture my body, mind and spirit. Thank you Yogi Hari!”

Om Shantih! -Amanda


“Om Shri Yogi Hariji,

I would like to thank you for your guidance and inspiration during the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training course. In the 6 weekends I spent at your Ashram I learned so much about myself, gaining a deeper connection with my spirituality. As you are aware my journey with Sampoorna Yoga began 5 years ago, but during the teacher training course I feel my evolution was accelerated considerably. Over such a short period of time spent immersed in yogic discipline, I was really able to look inward and come closer to knowing myself and truly realizing my divinity and connection to all that is tangible and ethereal.

The sacred knowledge imparted to me from the teachings of Master Sivananda’s lineage, through you and through Brahmadev, changed my life is so many positive ways. The physical benefits are obvious, but it’s been a long time since I’ve suffered the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety, my self-esteem has greatly improved, and I’m now exploring a vegetarian diet and feeling the healthful effects. Furthermore, I am amazed at how chanting has nourished my soul. Nada yoga was the last of the paths of Sampoorna Yoga I thought I would connect to, but I enjoy it immensely. I am grateful that this aspect of my personality was brought to light.

My goal in the course was not necessarily to become a yoga teacher, but to improve and grow in my own Sadhana. I regularly practice meditation, asanas and chanting, and after the course I incorporated pranayama and kriyas into my routine. Although there are days where I just cannot do all of these things because I’m too tired or too busy, this is a practice I will keep with me all my life. In the past, upon meeting an important goal or completing a large task and working so intensely at it, I would become so tired of that activity that I would just turn away from it, but with yoga it is much different. The more I know, the more I want to know. The more I practice, the more I want to practice. Guruji, I am not tired after this journey – I am ready and motivated to continue my Sadhana. I realize I am just a beginner, but am truly happy to call myself a Yogi!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach at the ashram. Giving to my students is truly a pleasure for me. After a question/answer session at my last class, my own words echoed your teachings and I delighted in passing this knowledge on to others. You mentioned to the guests at the graduation ceremony to look to the newly-certified students for guidance on good health and how to be happy. Since my family and friends are so supportive and indeed interested in all aspects of yoga by my example, I am teaching them indirectly! I am taking your words at heart to learn and teach, then teach and learn. I am working with a good friend to lead some small classes at her home, and a local gym is looking to hire me once they relocate to their new facility. This is a path I never thought I’d travel down. I am so appreciative that I have been awakened to new possibilities!

You, Tara and your family were so welcoming during my stay. Brahmadev and Lalita were so inspiring to me. It was a lovely experience doing Karma yoga with Omkara in the gardens just last week. I will always be a willing contributor to the community at your Ashram, giving back however I can. Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to grow and become a better person through Sampoorna Yoga™. It is challenging for me at times to keep up with my Yoga practice, but I am doing it without taking myself so seriously, trying to slow down and enjoy my journey with a smile. I feel strong, not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, selflessly and mentally. Thank you so much, Guruji, for equipping me with what I need to be happy, healthful and peaceful.”

With utmost respect and deepest gratitude, Shivapriya.


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