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Yoga Course Prices

Sampoorna Yoga™ Teacher Training Course, 200 hours 

(2 weeks residential or 6 weekends): $2800 ($1000 first deposit)

Advanced Sampoorna Yoga™ Teacher Training Course, 300 hours 

(3 weeks residential): $3800 ($1200 first deposit)

Both courses directly after each other, 500 hours

(5 weeks residential): $5940 ($1800 first deposit) = 10% discount



Returning Students Program:

TTC: $2,240  ($1,000 first deposit) = 20% discount

ATTC: $3,040  ($1,200 first deposit) = 20% discount
Valid for the 2-week SYTCCs in April and November, the Weekend SYTCC in August and the SYATCC in July.
This is for students who wish to take the course again TTC or ATTC.
Please note that which ever course you choose it has to be the second time that you are taking it.

Balance for each course is due 2 weeks prior to the course or you may pay cash upon arrival.
Price for all courses includes tuition, accomodations and meals.


Yoga Day: $45 with payment in advance, $50 on the day


Weekly Yoga Classes: $15 per class, or 5 classes for $60, or 15 classes for $150


Weekly Satsang: $15 per class


Yoga Retreats: $80 per day


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