Hatha yoga is unique for maintaining proper health. But that is only one aspect of hatha yoga. It is also a complete step-by-step system that can take you to the ultimate goal of God-realization and perfection. Therefore do not mistakenly think that hatha yoga is only a physical practice for proper health.

At the inception of your practice, however, you will most likely be relating to hatha yoga for proper health. In that perspective, there are five principles that you should observe:

(i) proper exercise, (ii) proper breathing, (iii) proper relaxation, (iv) proper diet and (v) positive thinking.

Positive Thinking

Finally, positive thinking is imperative for proper health. Negative energy feeds on itself. If the mind is constantly thinking negative thoughts, it will continue to spiral downward in negativity. Conversely, if the mind is positive, you will feel lighter and more energized. If you are feeling depressed, find positive people to associate with so they can lift your spirits. Do not find people to commiserate with you or you will not change your state of mind.