Nada Yoga Retreat Recap


Hellenthal, Germany
July 2017

We had a wonderful time at our week-long Nada Yoga retreat in Hellenthal, Germany at the end of July, along with 40 students and disciples of Yogi Hari from all over Europe. As the theme of the week was Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Divine Vibration, each day was filled with workshops on chanting, lectures on Yoga and music, and several Hatha Yoga classes to choose from. During the afternoon workshops on Nada Yoga, students could choose from a beginner’s chanting workshop which focused on developing rhythm (tala) and melody (raga). More advanced students brought their harmoniums to the master class with Guruji where they reviewed various chants and learned how to play them on harmonium.

The natural and peaceful environment of Hellenthal is the perfect place for a Yoga retreat and we all enjoyed the fresh air of the surrounding national forest and walks along the desolate country roads. The retreat was nurturing to all who attended and some even brought their families to participate in the week of divine association.

One of the disciples arranged to several of the Satsangs professionally recorded. It was wonderful to have such a large and enthusiastic group of students chanting together with Guruji and the recordings came out very well. We are in the process of mixing and editing the recordings and are excited to have material for a possible Live Yogi Hari album to be released in the future. 

We look forward to spending another inspiring week in Hellenthal summer of 2018. Please stay tuned for the dates. 

Here are a few photos from the retreat, and you can see many more on our Facebook page.