Welcome to the

Sampoorna Yoga Alumni Association! 


To join our weekly Sunday Satsangs and Hatha Yoga classes, please follow these instructions: 


Join the Alumni Facebook Group

Go to Facebook and send a message to Rebecca Haldeman – Rasa (Ashram manager) with the following statement: 

Om Shanthi. My name is (your name here). I would like to join the Sampoorna Yoga Alumni Association! Will you please add me to the private Alumni Facebook group? Thank you! 

If you do not personally have a Facebook account, you can send the above message to Rasa from a family member or a friend’s Facebook account so you will have access to the videos and classes. 

The weekly videos of Satsang and Hatha Yoga will be posted in the Alumni Facebook group for one week, so you can watch it later at your convenience. 


Join Via Zoom

Download Zoom onto your computer, tablet, or another device.

We recommend using a device with a larger screen so you can easily see your instructor teaching you. It also may be helpful for you to use headphones to hear the class better. 

Once Zoom is installed, click Join to enter our meeting room. 

Meeting ID: 930 150 1669 

Password: OmShanthi 


What to Know About Virtual Classes

We are all entering the world of online learning together, so please read through these helpful tips to make the most out of your virtual experience. 


Test Your Technology

Try out your device and connections before class. If you are using Zoom, ask a friend who also has Zoom to meet with you to make sure that your internet connection is working well and they can see and hear you properly. 
We have found that a laptop, television, or tablet are the best devices to use for virtual Yoga classes. If you are using a phone, the screen is small and it will be difficult for you to see all of the Yoga postures and connect with your instructors and other students. If possible, please try to arrange to have a device with a larger screen at your disposal. Another tip is to create two Zoom accounts and have two cameras set up – a phone for recording you and a computer for viewing. A tripod or some way to hold your device may also be helpful for you.

Arrange Your Camera 

Position your device so that when we are seated for lecture and workshops, you are close to your camera and your face fills most of the screen. When you are practicing Hatha Yoga, you will have your camera near you for part of the class (showing yourself in a seated position, filling most of the screen), and part of the class the camera is farther away (showing yourself standing in Tadasana, Mountain Pose). Position your device so that you can see the screen and the instructor. If the camera is to the side of you, then you will have to turn your head every time that you want to see what the teacher is doing, which is not ideal. 

Getting the Best Sound

We have found that having a clear voice while you are communicating online greatly improves the overall experience. If it is difficult to hear a person, if there is an echo, or if their voice is muffled, it can be very difficult to connect with that person and create a personal relationship. 
To avoid this, we recommend using an external microphone that you can connect to your computer, tablet, or phone. AirPods or other headsets are also a convenient option. 
Students have expressed that listening to lectures and workshops with headphones or earbuds greatly improves the sound quality of the training. Please consider this option and prepare yourself accordingly. 

Prepare Your Sadhana Space

Think about how you will set up your “Sadhana Room”. Is it out of the way, free from noise and distractions? Will you be able to sit quietly in your room and withdraw your mind? 
Try to create an atmosphere that is conducive to meditation and introspection. Clear the space of clutter, keep it clean and tidy. You can create an altar with a photograph of your Ishtadevata (your chosen ideal, like Jesus, Rama, Krishna, or Buddha), place a candle and some flowers if you like. Your Sadhana room should be scent-free, as to not create undue distractions for your mind. The more that you use your Sadhana space for Yoga and meditation, the more vibration will change and give you a sense of peace and tranquility as soon as you enter it. 
Remember that during our live-streaming classes, your Sadhana Room will become part of our Ashram classroom. This means that if someone (or a pet!) randomly walks into your Sadhana Room, they are also entering our Ashram! This may be very distracting or disruptive to you and to other students. Please communicate with your family or roommates that you should not be disturbed while you are in class. Hang a sign outside if necessary reminding people that class is in session and that coming in unexpectedly could create an issue for the class. It is also best if you do not allow your pets to wander in to your Sadhana Room. 
Take note that when you are on camera, everyone in the class will be able to see you and your Sadhana room. Therefore, keep personal things to a minimum, or make sure that you only have on display what you want to share with the other students and instructors in class. The Zoom sessions and Facebook Live sessions will be private, so not everyone on the internet will be “entering” your personal space – just those who are also Sampoorna Yoga Alumni. 
In the case of emergencies at home (or if your attention is required somewhere), please communicate with your teacher by leaving a note in the chat box on the Zoom or Facebook screen and remove yourself from the session temporarily. It is no different than when you are in a class or a meeting. Then you can turn off your camera or mute your audio and address whatever situation needs your attention. This is much better than when a student suddenly drops off or disappears and the teacher doesn’t know if it was a technological glitch or a personal issue. 



Please contact us via email or give us a call at 954-399-8000! You can also text or WhatsApp us at 754-226-3385