Nada Yoga Weekend Retreat with Nada Yoga Master Shri Yogi Hari

October 17 – 19, 2014

Nada Yoga is the Science of Divine Vibration

In this retreat we will explore Nada Yoga in some of these subjects

• The theory of Nada Yoga.
• Chanting, Mantras, Kirtan, Shlokas and Bhajans.
• Exercises to purify and balance the chakras.
• Exercises to develop attention and concentration.
• Pranayama (breathing exercises) to wake-up Prana (the life force) and develop concentration, breath-control and mind-control.
• Exercises to develop rhythm and balance.
• Alankar- exercises in the natural scale and other scales to develop awareness of the 12 notes that are the foundation of all music.
• The ten Thaats- the basis of all the Ragas.
• Tala- the different rhythmic cycles used in Indian Classical Music.
• Ragas and their scales- the way notes are arranged to create different moods and effects.
• To play the harmonium as an aid to singing.
• To play the Tabla- develop rhythm, balance and concentration.
• Experience how this system helps to develop concentration and peace of mind that leads to meditation.

This science has its roots in the Vedas and has been revealed to Nada Yogi Seers and Rishis who used it to reach God. The vehicle for its transmission is Indian Classical Music in the form of Mantras, Shlokas, Chants, Kirtan, Bhajans, Ragas and Talas.
Yogi Hari s style of teaching is called _Sampoorna Yoga which harmonizes all aspects of the human personality. Nada Yoga is an integral part of this teaching.
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