What to bring to the ashram

As you prepare for your Teacher Certification Course or retreat at the ashram, you might wonder what you might need during your stay. Please refer to the following guidelines when packing your suitcase. 


Packing List for Yoga Teacher Certification Courses: 


* Yoga mat (If you can’t fit one in your suitcase, we have some available that you may use, or you may choose to buy one here.)

* Notebook for lectures and workshops

* Comfortable clothes for practicing Yoga

* Work clothes and shoes for Karma Yoga 

* White outfit for final graduation ceremony

* Swimming suit

* Raincoat or umbrella

* Twin bed sheets

* Towel

* Toiletries (Remember your sunscreen & feminine products if you need them) 

* Phone / phone charger



* White yoga clothes for teaching Yoga class

* Cushion or pillow for sitting during meditation and lecture

* Mala for meditation

* Camera

* Alarm Clock

* Gardening gloves

* Mosquito repellant 

* Small electric fan

* For November through April programs: Warm clothes