Help Needed – Cleaning Up After Irma

By the grace of God, the Ashram and most of eastern South Florida was spared by the ferocious winds and water of recent hurricane Irma that tore through the Caribbean and up the west coast of Florida. We received many of your messages as we all watched the hurricane approach Ft. Lauderdale and we are grateful for your thoughts and prayers as we weathered the storm. 

Six of us stayed on at the ashram and experienced up to 80 mph winds on Sunday, September 10th. We lost power on Sunday morning and although we were without power for several days, we had a generator that helped us all stay comfortable and connected with friends and family. After a few days with no running water, we were elated when the pump from the well was working again, blessing us with much-needed showers.

There are still many homes without power in South Florida and some people lost much more than only power and water. We are grateful that we were all safe and that we experienced such little damage during what could have been a disastrous hurricane. 

We lost many trees and limbs during the storm and are in the process of cleaning up the ashram as life returns to normal. If you could lend a hand to help us with storm cleanup, whether it’s a few hours or a few days, we would greatly appreciate the assistance. Give us a call or stop by if you’d like to help.

Here’s a video and some photos of the ashram during and after Hurricane Irma: