Once Indra and his friends were travelling, going on holiday.

They looked down and they saw all these pigs living in a terrible condition. Indra told his friends : «My God! look at those pigs, why are they living so horribly? I will go and teach them how to live nicely».

In order for Indra to come and teach these pigs, what did he have to do? If he was to appear in shining light in front of the pigs, the pigs would be so scared, squealing and running away. So Indra came as a pig to teach them.

After some time, Indra’s friends said : «Let us go and see what progress Indra is making».

They were horrified with what they saw! They came and said to Indra : «Indra, why are you in this condition? We thought you came to reform these pigs? !» «What are you talking about?», said Indra. «I am a pig, this is my wife, these are my children and we have all this food here, we’re having a wonderful time ! Don’t bother me, leave me alone!»

Life after life after life we have been conditioned to feel that we are this body, this mind, this ego, this individual. Like Indra we have forgotten our true nature, which is existence, knowledge and absolute bliss.